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Car crash with train leaves 10 dead and others injured

By Charles Ruhmann |

Collisions involving trains can be unspeakably tragic, causing catastrophic damage and death. A recent car crash in Texas left a total of 10 people dead and numerous others injured, many of who are still in critical condition. The road was apparently icy at the time, which should remind all drivers that they must exercise caution… Read More »

Motorcyclist killed in car wreck, no charges filed yet

By Charles Ruhmann |

A Texas family is without a son and a brother after a fatal wreck killed a 23-year-old man. The ultimate cause of the car wreck is still unclear at this time, but Texas police are continuing the investigation. Despite the death that was involved, no charges have been filed yet. The man was on… Read More »

Can a driver on their cell phone be responsible for my car wreck?

By Charles Ruhmann |

The factors that go into the cause of a car wreck can be painfully clear in some instances, while in others a little more difficult to determine. Cell phone use behind the wheel can often be a contributing factor to a wreck. When a driver engages with their cell phone while behind the wheel,… Read More »

Fatal car accident in Texas leaves 1 dead, injures others

By Charles Ruhmann |

Whatever the weather conditions at the time, drivers in Texas are still responsible for exercising necessary caution when driving. Authorities suspect that wet roads may have played a role in a fatal car accident that also left three other people injured. The accident is currently still under investigation. Shortly before 6:30 p.m., an 18-year-old… Read More »

Car wreck caused by U-turning vehicle sends 1 to hospital

By Charles Ruhmann |

A sometimes-necessary maneuver, U-turns should be completed with as much caution as necessary for current traffic conditions. According to reports, a Texas driver recently attempted to complete a U-turn on a state highway, but in doing so pulled in front of two other vehicles — including an 18 wheeler — and caused a car… Read More »

Texas car accident causes injury to 4 people in Waco

By Charles Ruhmann |

The cause of a car accident can vary, but it is often due to preventable behaviors behind the wheel that can lead to potentially life-threatening injuries. A Texas woman and three other individuals were injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, the initial evidence suggests that the accident was caused by the negligence of one driver. Authorities… Read More »

Driver barrels over seawall, causes car crash that kills 1

By Charles Ruhmann |

Celebrations with family often involve hugs, pictures and maybe an argument or between two stubborn uncles. Tragically, a recent party in Texas involved a fatal car crash that left one man dead. The victim turned out to be the man-of-honor’s brother. The festivities were apparently going on through the weekend to celebrate a local priest’s 50… Read More »

Car accident in El Paso kills driver and injures 2 passengers

By Charles Ruhmann |

Collisions in Texas involving left turns are all too common. They can result in severe injuries that can have a permanent impact on the victim’s life. Depending on the speeds of the vehicles involved, a left turn car accident can be severe. The victim may be left with head injuries, back and spine injuries and other… Read More »

Texas car accident leaves teenager dead

By Charles Ruhmann |

A deadly car accident has recently taken place on a Texas roadway. One person was fatally injured and two others suffered serious injuries. Accidents such as this one are a harsh reality when diligence is not utilized on roadways. When a fatal car accident occurs and a person is at fault, families everywhere may benefit in… Read More »

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

By Charles Ruhmann |

Spring is finally in full swing. Teenagers are gearing up for prom and graduation season, while adults are planning for warm weather vacations. It is during this time of year that motorists all over the nation flood roadways as they travel for business reasons, personal reasons and increasingly for good, old-fashioned fun. Unfortunately, the… Read More »

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