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Motorcyclist killed in car wreck, no charges filed yet

A Texas family is without a son and a brother after a fatal wreck killed a 23-year-old man. The ultimate cause of the car wreck is still unclear at this time, but Texas police are continuing the investigation. Despite the death that was involved, no charges have been filed yet. The man was on his […]

Car wreck caused by U-turning vehicle sends 1 to hospital

A sometimes-necessary maneuver, U-turns should be completed with as much caution as necessary for current traffic conditions. According to reports, a Texas driver recently attempted to complete a U-turn on a state highway, but in doing so pulled in front of two other vehicles — including an 18 wheeler — and caused a car wreck. […]

Apparent drunk driving accident killed girl after birthday party

Often filled with cake and balloons, birthday parties are generally meant to be times of celebration. One Texas family had that celebration cut short when, on their way home from their daughter’s party, their vehicle was struck by an alleged drunk driver. Sadly, the apparent drunk driving accident had a tragic outcome. The family had […]

Driver barrels over seawall, causes car crash that kills 1

Celebrations with family often involve hugs, pictures and maybe an argument or between two stubborn uncles. Tragically, a recent party in Texas involved a El Paso fatal car crash that left one man dead. The victim turned out to be the man of honor’s brother. The festivities were apparently going on through the weekend to celebrate a […]

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