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Driver in truck accident didn’t have necessary permits

By Charles Ruhmann |

Most bridges that have roads passing underneath them also have posted signs noting the maximum vehicle height that can safely pass. A truck driver in Texas ignored one of those warnings and attempted to pass an 18-wheeler underneath a bridge that could not accommodate its height. The resulting truck accident killed one person and injured several… Read More »

A collision with an 18 wheeler can easily be deadly

By Charles Ruhmann |

It can be nearly impossible to merge onto an interstate or other highway without seeing at least one or two 18 wheelers. While getting goods to and from various locations is an important aspect of our society, these enormous vehicles present an added danger to Texas motorists. A wreck involving an 18 wheeler can have disastrous… Read More »

FMCSA responds to study criticizing its new truck safety measures

By Charles Ruhmann |

Earlier this year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a field study regarding the worth and efficiency of the agency’s restart provisions contained within the updated Hours-of-Service rule released last summer. The field study was commissioned by the agency but was conducted by a third party in order to ensure that the results… Read More »

Texa man survives potentially fatal truck accident

By Charles Ruhmann |

Because of the substantial differences in both size and weight, motor vehicle accidents between commercial trucks and cars are often a death sentence for occupants of the smaller vehicle. This is one of many reasons why negligent truck drivers who cause accidents are often named as defendants in wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits…. Read More »

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