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The city of Benson, Arizona lies 45 miles southeast of Tucson and is well known as being the gateway to Kartchner Caverns State Park. Benson is also often associated with the Jay Six Ranch, a 40,000 acre cattle ranch which was located just outside of the city’s borders. The ranch has hosted a handful of important political figures in the past, with the most notable being Joseph and Jack Kennedy.

Benson occupies 41.5 square miles and is home to just over 5,000 individuals as of the 2010 census. Historically the town acted as a rail terminal (primarily to ship ore and refined metal), and it is still used as a major crossing for transportation vehicles of all types.

Over 200,000 Vehicles Involved in Arizona Accidents in 2014

The Arizona Department of Transportation recently revealed that the total vehicles involved in accidents across this state, including of course Benson, were 210,436 in 2014 (this includes parked or driver-less vehicles). There were 109,554 crashes in total.

  • 148,225 cars and station wagons were involved in accidents, accounting for 70.44% of all crashes
  • 34,250 pickup trucks and vans were involved in accidents, accounting for 16.28% of all crashes
  • 11,866 Trucks and buses were involved in accidents, accounting for 5.64% of all crashes
  • 3,189 motorcycles were involved in accidents, accounting for 1.52% of all accidents
  • 12,906 unknown vehicle types were involved in accidents, accounting for 6.13% of all accidents

Motorcyclists in the Most Danger on Our Roads in Benson, AZ

In 2014, 192,474 motorcycles were registered in Arizona. Given the warm (if not blazing hot) temperatures we enjoy here almost all year round, any time is a good time for hopping on a motorcycle and going for a ride. Unfortunately, motorcyclists statistically suffer the most fatalities and the most injuries out of any other vehicle type when involved in an accident.

According to the same statistical data provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation, 4% (129) of all motorcycle accidents were fatal accidents. An astounding 79% of the accidents (2,530) resulted in injury, a number which is significantly higher than any of the other vehicle type on our roads.

At the Benson, AZ Ruhmann Law Firm we know that a large portion of these accidents involving motorcyclists are due to the negligence of other drivers – drivers who may not be paying enough attention when on our roads or who are driving irresponsibly.

Our Benson, AZ personal injury attorneys have taken a special interest in helping defend motorcyclists and ensuing that they and their loved ones are fully compensated for any losses they may suffer. If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle or know someone who has, we invite you to call us at (915) 845-4529 to discuss your claim.

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