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In Texas, employers are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage and can instead elect to be classified as “non-subscribers.” According to the Texas Department of Insurance, approximately 20 percent of all Texas employees are employed by non-subscriber companies. When employees of non-subscribers are injured in work-related accidents, they are able to seek compensation directly from their employers via a negligence claim.

Common Non-Subscriber Industries

While non-subscriber employers exist in nearly every type of industry, certain fields have a higher incidence of non-subscription than others. As recently as 2010, some of the highest non-subscription rates in the state included:

Industry Percentage of Non-subscription
Food services, accommodation, and related businesses 40%
Finance/real estate/professional services 33%
Transportation/retail and wholesale trade 32%
Educational/health care services 32%
Manufacturing 31%
Source: Texas Department of Insurance Workers’ Compensation Research and Evaluation Group

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