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Part of why the city has such a strong economy is because the workers receive some level of protection through worker’s compensation. At the Ruhmann Law Firm we receive a lot of questions about worker’s compensation, such as who is eligible and whether or not they have received fair compensation. We will try to answer these questions and more below:

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Generally speaking, worker’s compensation insurance is a pool of funds into which your employer pays. If you suffer a job-related injury or illness, all expenses related to your treatment will be covered through worker’s compensation.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Contrary to popular belief, worker’s compensation covers more than only medical bills. Many injured workers are able to receive coverage for time lost from work, travel and accommodations, and more.

Can I Contest The Amount Of Compensation I Have Been Offered?

Yes, you can contest the amount of compensation offered to you. We encourage all injured workers who feel that they have been offered unfair compensation to contact us to discuss their particular situation for free.

Can I Still Sue My Employer Even If I Receive Workers’ Compensation?

In many situations, you can still sue you employer for a range of damages, including pain and suffering, mental anguish and punitive damages.

Whether you have additional questions about worker’s compensation coverage, are curious about contesting the compensation amount offered to you, or are interested in taking lawful action against your employer, we are here to help.

At the Ruhmann Law Firm, our El Paso & New Mexico workers compensation attorneys provide injured workers with valuable insight into how our state imposes strict workers’ compensation insurance rules on employers, so employees can hold them accountable for their financial needs after they are hurt at work.
We focus our strengths in the industry to develop legal resources for those who are harmed in a workplace accident or suffer any form of work injury in New Mexico, so they are not facing an uphill battle with both their physical recovery and financial stability.
Our New Mexico workers compensation lawyer provides focused guidance to our clients they need to understand all the requirements that must be met to remain eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.
That guidance begins with the fact that all New Mexico businesses with three or more employees – even if they are only part-time – must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

If you have been hurt at work, we offer comprehensive workers’ compensation legal services, including determining the presence of workers’ comp insurance, filing applications for benefits, appealing denials of benefits, and addressing all other facets of the New Mexico workers’ compensation process.

Helping New Mexico Employees Get The Medical Care They Need After A Work Injury

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in New Mexico stress that each employee who has suffered a work injury or illness is entitled to reasonable and necessary medical care.
To develop a comprehensive workers’ compensation claim, all injured employees should immediately:

  • Use authorized healthcare providers to seek treatment for their job-related injuries or illnesses
  • Follow each healthcare providers’ complete instructions
  • Keep their employer and the designated insurance adjuster informed of their treatment plan

The healthcare provider will:

  • Provide treatment for the workplace injury and determine whether medical care will be short- or long-term
  • Provide an opinion the complete injuries, which influences how benefits will be awarded after a worker reaches the maximum medical improvement

The employer should:

  • Ensure workers are getting reasonable and necessary medical care
  • Communicate with the worker and insurer throughout all stages of recovery
  • Provide workplace accommodations for recovering workers, when their injuries allow

The company’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage will play an integral part in the recovery process and our legal pursuit of financial recovery.

How Does The New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Evaluate Claims?

When a workplace injury occurs, the company will notify its insurance coverage provider to determine whether the injury is compensable.
The insurance company will assign an adjuster to verify the workers’ compensation accident to ensure it occurred in the course and scope of a worker’s job duties.
The insurer will review bills and records from the healthcare provider and determine how much a worker is owed in indemnity benefits while making direct payments to the billing healthcare provider.

What If I Am Too Hurt To Return To Work In New Mexico?

In addition to getting the medical care you need to address your complete work injuries, you may need to seek compensation for lost wages, reduced hours, or permanent disabilities.
This compensation is referred to as indemnity benefits, which provide partial wages to compensate for the loss of work.
When our New Mexico workers are permanently injured, the insurance company will allocate compensation for their injuries based on the degree of impairment.
That can include:

  • Temporary Partial Disability (TPD)

TPD payments are made to employees who can continue to work, but at a reduced wage, or with reduced hours during the period of temporary disability.

  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

TTD payments are made to employees who cannot continue to work because of their injuries.

  • Permanent Disability Benefits (PDB)

PDB payments are made to employees after they have reached Maximum Medical Improvement.
These benefits are based on the worker’s disability rate and a substantial number of other factors and include compensation for permanent disability based on the nature of the injury or illness and the body part(s) affected.

What If The New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Denies My Claim?

New Mexico workers’ compensation insurance companies operate just like auto, truck, and other liability coverage carriers, which means they will do anything they can to avoid paying the maximum amount for an injury claim.
This is typically when our work injury lawyers in New Mexico take over the claim, so we can pursue the full financial coverage our clients deserve.
After suffering an injury in the workplace, it will be difficult to fight the insurance company on your own while taking the time away from work you will need to get the necessary medical care to fully treat your injuries. We will keep your claim on track, so you can focus on healing.

What Do I Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims In New Mexico?

When you come to our office for a consultation, our New Mexico and El Paso personal injury lawyers will help you understand all of your options and what to expect from the workers’ compensation process.
The first thing all workers should know is: DO NOT wait on your employer to provide the guidance you need to seek the proper medical care.
You are responsible for obtaining care and documenting your situation, so be proactive.
This will strengthen your case going forward and will ensure you are focusing on your injuries.
Our discussion about work injury issues will include:

  • Give your employer written notice of your injury. This must occur within a set time to retain eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Do not wait for your employer to give you notice, forms, or any additional documentation. You are solely responsible for providing notice, and any delay while waiting on your employer will only hurt your ability to obtain workers’ compensation.
  • Keep a copy of your notice and all other documents. If you do not keep a copy, the originals can conveniently disappear, and you may not have the documentation you need to support your claim.
  • Go to a doctor or the emergency room as soon as you can. You should not wait for your employer to send you to the doctor.
  • If you are fired or otherwise retaliated against for filing a workers’ compensation claim, do not stop going to your doctor. It is illegal for employers to fire you if you file for, or talk about filing for, workers’ compensation. Continue to receive the care you need and come to us immediately so that we can file a wrongful termination claim on your behalf.

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New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Attorney Frequently Asked Questions

What Doctor Should I See Directly After My New Mexico Work Injury?

Our work injury attorneys in New Mexico recommend getting immediate medical attention directly after an at-work injury occurs. Your employer’s insurance coverage may dictate which physicians you can see going forward, but the priority is to receive immediate medical attention. Do not wait for your employer to provide a list for you. Get help now.

What Should I Do If I Receive A Medical Bill From A Medical Provider?

Forward the bill directly to your Human Resources Department or the insurance company’s claims adjustor for payment. Do not pay it out of your pocket.

Can My Employer Fire Me If I Report My Workplace Injury Accident?

If you are unable to perform your duties at work because of your injuries, your employer may replace you with someone who can fulfill the workplace requirements. However, your employer cannot fire you for simply reporting an injury that occurred on the job. When or if you are released by your medical team and can return to work, your employer may be required by law to offer to rehire you.

How Long Will My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Last?

Our workers’ comp lawyers in New Mexico stress to each of our clients that their injuries and the circumstances that led to the workplace accident are both unique. That means your workers’ compensation benefits and the duration of that coverage will be too. Contact our experienced attorneys today to devise a plan to get the financial compensation you deserve, for as long as you need it.

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