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Welcome to Ruhmann Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyer El Paso Firm President, Charles Julius Ruhmann, IV, is known throughout West Texas and Southern New Mexico as an advocate for victims of personal injury, workplace accidents and employment discrimination.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Ruhmann Law Firm is open, and fully operating remotely to ensure our Texas and New Mexico communities have safe and constant access to the best legal representation available during this difficult time.

During this unprecedented health crisis, our lawyers know that many businesses have been forced to close to contain the spread of the virus, and with those closures have come many financial hardships.

Our business interruption claims attorneys and / or offices in Texas and New Mexico are available 24/7 to service both existing and new clients via phone, email, text message, and video conference to provide our community with the full legal services they deserve.

If your Texas and / or New Mexico company has business interruption insurance, our attorneys may be able to pursue the financial recovery you deserve from your insurer, so you can focus on getting your company back in action when the time comes.

Business Interruption Insurance Lawyers In Texas, New Mexico & Arizona

How Can I Prove My Insurance Policy Includes Business Interruption Coverage?

Many insurance companies are rejecting business interruption claims from companies who have been carrying the coverage for years, simply by interpreting the policy and the fine print in a way that benefits the provider / carrier.
Insurance companies are notorious for rejecting claims without cause, simply to protect their bottom line instead of focusing on their policyholders’ needs.

At the Ruhmann Law Firm, our business interruption lawyers in Texas and New Mexico will fully review your policy as an advocate who is fighting for the financial recovery you deserve.

The local government has mandated business closures in both Texas and New Mexico to prevent the spread of the virus and help keep our communities safe. The insurance companies are aware that you have no recourse in fighting for your business to stay open, and that you are at their mercy during a very difficult time.

We will defend your forced business closure as a coverable expense during the COVID-19 pandemic using an experienced, strategic, and aggressive approach to producing results for your unique circumstances.
The interpretation of your business closure insurance policy is important to your financial recovery, and our attorneys will assist in gathering the necessary documentation needed to substantiate and submit your claim properly.

Ruhmann Law Firm also focuses on the following practice areas:

What If My Business Interruption Claim Has Already Been Denied?

Texas and New Mexico businesses have been forced to close for weeks or unfortunately have been put out of business completely, and with staggering stay-at-home orders in place – and only preliminary plans to relax those mandates – businesses could be closed for weeks or even months to come before regaining their momentum and revenue or in extreme cases closed permanently.

If you have already filed a business interruption claim with your insurance company, and it has been denied, we may be able to help file an appeal or lawsuit on your behalf.
Do not let the insurance company intimidate you or reject your claim without purpose or valid reason. If you have business interruption coverage, now is the time your coverage / insurance should be available to you.
The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching consequences for individuals, families, and businesses across the nation, some of which have yet to be recognized.

Do not let your insurance company add to your difficulties by rejecting your claim prematurely and / or wrongfully.

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