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Every year, thousands of motorcyclists are injured while driving on Interstate 10 and other busy highways throughout Texas. Following an accident, you will likely have to pursue a personal injury claim to obtain the compensation necessary to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other damages; due to the prejudice that many people — including prospective jurors — have against motorcyclists, it is necessary to have an El Paso motorcycle accident attorney who knows how to overcome this bias, build a powerful case and obtain favorable results in complex motorcycle cases. Ruhmann Law Firm in El Paso provides you with exactly this type of advocate. Our accomplished El Paso motorcycle accident lawyer is well-known throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona for its ability to skillfully resolve complicated motor vehicle accident cases of all kinds. By taking the immediate and long-term effects of the motorcycle accident into account, we are able to show the true impact of a driver’s negligence.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

In addition to motorcycle accidents caused by a general lack of respect for the rights that motorcyclists are entitled to under the law, car and truck drivers often cause motorcycle accidents when they:

  • Fail to look for motorcycles before merging
  • Do not signal before changing lanes
  • Speed or violate other traffic laws
  • Fail to yield to motorcyclists
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Follow too closely
  • Become fatigued but continue to drive

When these or other actions lead to a crash, the injuries that motorcyclists suffer can affect them for the remainder of their lives.

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