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Protecting Injured auto accidents Clients From Unfair Insurance Tactics in El Paso

car-accidentAfter suffering an injury in a car accident that was not your fault, it only seems fair that you have your medical bills paid and be put as close as possible to the physical and financial state you were in before the accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies are more concerned about their bottom line than your well-being and will work to protect their profits, not you or your health.

The political climate in Texas and New Mexico has turned solidly in favor of the insurance companies over the past several years. They have every advantage when they propose a low settlement offer, and they know it. As such, you must speak with an El Paso auto accident attorney early in the legal process to ensure that your rights are protected.

El Paso Auto Accident Attorneys Help You Obtain Full And Fair Compensation

If you need an experienced El Paso auto accident attorney to help you stand up to massive insurance carriers after suffering an injury or losing a loved one in an auto accident in El Paso, West Texas, Arizona or Southern New Mexico, the Ruhmann Law Firm can help. Our El Paso car accident attorneys have earned recognition for working tirelessly on behalf of people seeking monetary damages after an accident. We provide you with the assertive advocacy, compassionate counseling and trusted advice that you need during this difficult time.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Accident Representation

We provide experienced representation for plaintiffs injured in car accidents throughout the Southwest, including Texas and New Mexico residents who have been injured in an Arizona car accident. Our full-service representation is especially beneficial in situations related to:

Car Accident Resources:

Injured in a car accident while visiting Mexico? Se habla español.

If you were injured in a car accident across the border in Mexico or border town, our El Paso car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for your medical and financial damages. El Paso auto accident lawyer can also help Mexican citizens injured in an accident caused by negligence while visiting the United States.

Ruhmann Law Firm also focuses on the following practice areas:

Contact El Paso Car Accident Attorney at Ruhmann Law Firm

To arrange a free initial consultation, contact our El Paso auto accident lawyers online or call (915) 845-4529. From offices in El Paso , our motor vehicle accident attorneys protect the interests of clients in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Those who retain our services are not responsible for an attorney fee unless we can successfully obtain compensation on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions About El Paso, Texas Car Accidents

Can I Pursue Financial Recovery from the Insurance Company Without Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in El Paso?

Technically, yes. But insurance companies focus on denying all claims immediately and getting the insurance adjuster to review your case a second time is highly unlikely. That’s why we strongly recommend hiring a car accident lawyer in El Paso who will file a complete and timely claim that will aggressively force the insurance company to understand that our experience yields results. That means we will not take any denials, delays, or diminished settlements for an answer to our clients’ injuries.

When Should I Contact a Car Accident Attorney in El Paso for Help?

Now. If you have been hurt in an auto accident, seek medical care right away and contact our El Paso car crash lawyer at 915-845-4529 as soon as you can ensure your rights are protected immediately. We will customize your case and insist it is handled through our office, so the insurance company cannot speak with you without us being there. This means they cannot intimidate you into making a statement that hurts your case. We will be by your side from start to finish, so you can focus on healing while we concentrate on the details of your financial recovery.

How Long Does an El Paso Car Accident Claim Take to Produce Results?

No car accident lawyer in El Paso can tell you exactly how long it will take to reach a settlement or achieve a positive jury verdict. The truth is the answer is different for each case. We can promise our clients that we will work tirelessly to achieve maximum results in their case, quickly and effectively, while keeping them advised of our progress during each step of the case.

What Happens If I Talk to the Insurance Company Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in El Paso?

Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying for your car accident injuries. They will manipulate your conversation by showing compassion before leading you down a path where you admit that you are okay. Or, worse, take partial responsibility for the crash itself.

If you have already spoken to the insurance company, it is not too late to contact our car collision lawyers in El Paso at 915-845-4529. We can review your statement to the insurance company and understand your complete conversation, so we know how to move forward. It is never too late to contact us to discuss your car crash injuries.

What If My Car is Towed After My El Paso Car Accident Injuries?

Chances are, if you have been hurt in an El Paso auto accident, your damaged vehicle will probably be towed to clean up the accident scene and get traffic moving again.

If you were unable to learn where the car was towed before seeking medical care, logon to to locate your vehicle.

Will the Other Driver Pay for a Rental Car If I Need One After My El Paso Car Accident?

Rental car expenses or transportation-related costs to and from medical appointments may be part of our financial compensation recovery case. However, in the meantime, the other driver will not immediately reimburse you for rental car fees until they are found liable for the crash that caused your injuries. Talk to our El Paso car accident lawyers to determine the best way for you to get the medical care, prescriptions, medical devices, and other necessities you need before renting a car. We can help provide the resources that will contribute to your recovery, not add unnecessary strain to your financial standing.

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