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Truck Accident Lawyer In El Paso, TX

truck-accidentEl Paso Truck Accident attorneys at Ruhmann Law Firm represents those injured in truck accidents on I-10 or other roadways across Texas, New Mexico or Arizona. Our El Paso Truck Accident Lawyers are well-known throughout the region as dedicated trial attorneys who will take a truck accident case as far as needed. We put our clients on even footing with large insurance carriers, and use our proven courtroom skills and strategies to protect our clients’ interests at every stage of the legal process.

Truck Accident Death Cases in el paso

All too often, semi accidents result in the death of motorists or pedestrians who are struck by these massive vehicles. Death cases that arise in these situations are doubly complex; they require an in-depth investigation and extensive knowledge of truck accidents and require the additional ability to successfully navigate the complex legal hurdles that wrongful death claims present. Our El Paso truck accident attorneys are well-versed in both aspects of these cases, and have reached many successful results on behalf of families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Our comprehensive knowledge of motor vehicle accidents encompasses all of the various causes of 18-wheeler accidents. Our El Paso Truck Accident Attorneys use our insightful investigation techniques to examine electronic control modules — often called the black box — as well as logbooks and other sources of evidence to uncover causes such as:

In addition to representing motorists and pedestrians accidents who have been harmed in tractor-trailer accidents, our El Paso Truck Accident Lawyers are also equipped to represent truck drivers who have been injured in an accident with another semitruck. These cases require a detailed analysis of all the applicable insurance policies and other nuanced issues that should only be handled by experienced El Paso truck accident attorneys such as those at our law firm.

Ruhmann Law Firm also focuses on the following practice areas:

Contact our El paso Truck Accident Attorney for Free Consultation

Call Ruhmann Law Firm at (915) 845-4529 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation with our accomplished El Paso truck accident attorneys. We have law offices in El Paso; if your truck accident injury prevents you from travelling to our El Paso law firm, we will gladly meet you at a convenient location of your choice.

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