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Due to the massive size of semitrucks and the high speeds at which these vehicles often travel, it is all too common for a truck accident to result in the loss of a loved one. The cases that result from these accidents are doubly complex; a successful outcome requires not only an understanding of all the factors that contribute to truck accidents, but also the well-honed litigation skills necessary to address all of the legal nuances that are present in wrongful death claims.

The Powerful Representation You Need

The accomplished attorneys at Ruhmann Law Firm have the experience and innovative litigation strategies necessary to protect the interests of those who have lost loved ones in any type of semitruck crash, including accidents on I-10. We know the tactics that insurance companies will use to try to diminish the value of these claims, and we counter this with insightful strategies designed to maximize the value of a claim and attempt to hold those responsible for the accident accountable for their actions.

Experience In Complex Truck Death Cases

One of the first, and most difficult, steps in wrongful death cases is establishing liability. We have developed proven investigation techniques that allow us to be especially effective in this initial part of the process. This includes conducting a thorough examination of:

  • Drive time logbooks: Drivers are required to enter their daily drive time into a paper logbook. We will assess the entries and hold them up to other evidence to determine if the log is accurate or falsified.
  • Big Rig black boxes: Some trucking companies have installed black boxes in their fleets. These instruments digitally record when the truck was moving. They can show if a driver operated the truck beyond the regulated time limit.
  • Receipts: Our lawyers will analyze any credit card purchases/receipts to determine if the driver was where he said he was, when he said he was.
  • Accident reports: We examine whether illegal conduct such as speeding, drunk driving, or any other prohibited actions led to the accident.
  • Cellphone records: In recent years, distracted driving — such as texting or talking on a cellphone while behind the wheel — has become a more prevalent factor in semitruck accidents.

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