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At Ruhmann Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys represent injury victims throughout Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico who have suffered severe gastrointestinal conditions and other injuries after being prescribed Ozempic.

Ozempic is a popular brand name for semaglutide, a prescription drug approved for the treatment of type-2 diabetes. First developed by Novo Nordisk in 2012, Ozempic was approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration and released on the U.S. market in December 2017.

However, it quickly became known for its weight loss side effects. With evidence that Ozempic can induce weight loss in people with obesity, even those without diabetes, in 2021, the FDA approved a higher-dose version of Ozempic, sold under the brand name Wegovy, to treat obesity and for weight management.

Millions of prescriptions for Ozempic/Wegovy have been filled for weight loss throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, the manufacturer failed to warn its users about the potentially permanent side effects, including severe gastrointestinal problems that impact our clients’ quality of life.

Ozempic Lawsuit in Arizona, Texas & NM

What Types of Gastrointestinal Problems Are Caused by Ozempic/Wegovy?

Studies in the journal of Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism dating back to 2017 have shown that the risk of gastrointestinal problems from Ozempic was higher when the drug was prescribed at higher doses, for longer durations, and when the drug was used for weight loss.

The Ozempic label mentions common adverse reactions like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and constipation but fails to link to other side effects like:

  • Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.
  • Dangerous Fluctuations in Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Gallbladder Disease.
  • Gallstones.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Nausea and Vomiting.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Severe Dehydration.
  • Stomach Paralysis, called Gastroparesis.
  • Undigested Food Staying in the Stomach.

Drug makers have a duty to disclose the risks associated with their products entirely, which will allow patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare, weighing the benefits of a medication against its potential dangers. This is why we are here.

The drug warning label for Ozempic was changed in March 2022 to include a specific warning about gallbladder disease. However, before this amendment was made, the warning label for Ozempic said nothing about gallstones or gallbladder disease. Doctors and patients were left in the dark about the risk of gallbladder disease or gallstones associated with Ozempic.

Anyone who used Ozempic before the new warning label was added and was diagnosed with gallstones, cholecystitis, or other gallbladder conditions could be entitled to financial compensation. We can help.

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If you have suffered gastrointestinal damage from using Ozempic/Wegovy, contact our experienced mass torts attorneys at the Ruhmann Law Firm in Texas at 915-910-5600, New Mexico at 505-388-9500, Arizona at (915) 845-4529, or online to discuss your case during a free consultation. We will come to you if you are too hurt to come to us.

We are here to help provide you with the legal representation you need to pursue Ozempic/Wegovy manufacturers liable for your harm and the financial compensation you deserve.

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