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ERCOT Power Failure Injury & Wrongful Death Attorneys in Texas

At the Ruhmann Law Firm, our Texas power failure injuries and wrongful death attorneys know that no one seemed less prepared for a winter storm than the state’s energy utility provider and power grid operator, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

The February 2021 cold wave in the U.S. Southern Plains resulted in the collapse of the Texas energy grid, and resulted in damages estimated at nearly $200 billion, according to recent studies.

When the winter storm seized the power grid and left utility companies scrambling for solutions, there were more than damaged homes to contend with in the wake of the crumbling infrastructure. Our residents’ well-being and livelihoods were negatively impacted by the resulting negligence for a long time to come.

Here is what our Texas residents need to know about their legal rights and options to pursue ERCOT for the damages they endured.

How Many People Were Injured or Lost Their Lives in the Texas Winter Storm Power Outage?

It may be impossible to know how many people were injured when the power was shut down randomly throughout the State of Texas after the 2021 winter storm that left more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power.

However, according to officials from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), more than 246 people lost their lives, spanning 77 counties and included victims ranging from less than one year old to 102 years old, although experts say it may be impossible ever to account for every death related to the storm given its far-reaching impact.

Sadly, as the DSHS disaster epidemiologists continue to reconcile information about causes of death, officials released a statement reporting most of the confirmed deaths were associated with hypothermia.

But that’s not all. Multiple deaths were caused by motor vehicle accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, exacerbation of chronic illness, falls and fire that resulted from those who were subjected to the conditions, and those seeking refuge from the massive power outage.

The tragic cold snap was one of several recent violent weather episodes showcasing how unprepared Texas’s aging infrastructure is for the future of climate change. And with winter weather extremes across the Northern Hemisphere reportedly becoming more frequent, it is imperative our power grid keep up and keep our Texas residents safe.

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