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El Paso Animal Attack Attorney

The Ruhmann Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered injury from dog bites and other animal attacks in West Texas, Arizona or Southern New Mexico. If you have been bitten, don’t assume that the bite is not serious enough to recover money damages. Although Texas law generally allows that a dog might bite, and does not hold the owner strictly liable, owners can be charged with negligent handling. Proving negligent handling means you are entitled to seek damages for the medical care, lost wages, and pain and inconvenience you suffered because of the bite or attack.

Confidential And Compassionate Representation

As personal injury lawyers, we know that many dog bites and animal attacks happen to victims who are family members or friends of the animal owner. Suing a friend, relative or neighbor for damages can result in a broken relationship — if not handled with compassion. In most cases, the animal owner’s homeowners insurance policy covers the cost of the damages — with little or no financial fallout affecting the policyholder.

If you think you have a legitimate claim for a dog bite or animal attack injury claim against an animal owner, call the Ruhmann Law Firm to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your dog bite case. If you hire us to represent you, we will not bill you for attorneys fees unless you recover money damages in negotiated settlement or jury award.

We have experience representing individuals who have suffered an injury in many types of animal attacks, including:

  • Dog bite injury
  • Thrown from horse, bitten by horse, stepped on by horse
  • Cow and cattle injuries
  • Snake bite from pet snakes

From offices in El Paso, our law firm represents plaintiffs in civil litigation matters throughout West Texas, Arizona and Southern New Mexico. To schedule a free consultation with an El Paso dog bite attorney, please contact our office at (915) 845-4529 to arrange a free consultation.