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New Mexico Uninsured Motorist Claims

New Mexico Uninsured Motorist Claims lawyers

Unique State Law Protection For Motorists

Uninsured motorist laws in New Mexico are significantly different from those in neighboring states such as Texas and afford protection to drivers even in situations where no contact was made with another vehicle.

A common example where this law applies is the situation where one driver cuts off another car and — intentionally or unintentionally — causes the car to go off the road. If this leads to a crash, the driver of the car that was forced off the road can seek coverage under an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy for his or her medical bills, vehicle repair and other damages. This varies significantly from the approach that Texas and other states take, as those jurisdictions require contact between two vehicles before allowing an uninsured motorist claim to be filed.

Do I Have A Case?

To determine whether you can seek compensation for your New Mexico car crash, you should speak with an experienced El Paso injury law attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

At Ruhmann Law Firm, we are well-versed in legal matters surrounding car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and other forms of motor vehicle accidents in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. We have an in-depth understanding of how each state’s laws can affect the outcome of your case and use this knowledge to maximize the compensation you receive in any personal injury matter.

If you have been hurt on Interstate 10 or any other roadway in New Mexico, we can give you straightforward answers about your legal options and an honest assessment of the likelihood of success for each of these options.

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