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The historic ghost town of Pearce, Arizona is an old mining town which was named after James Pearce. James Pearce discovered gold near the town in 1894 and opened up the Commonwealth Mine, a mine which quickly became one of the state’s primary silver producers. From 1895 to 1942, over 1,000,000 tons of ore were produced. $8 million worth of silver and another $2.5 million of gold was drilled and carved out from the 20 miles of caves within the mine.

Pearce is an unincorporated community which is often referred to as Pearce-Sunsites or Pearce/Sunsites. When combined with another two communities in the the area’s 85625 ZIP code Tabulation Area, the total population is around 2,100. Though Pearce may be considered to be a mining ghost town, the community’s small economy is still sustained through tourism and retirees.

Five Frightening Facts About Elder Abuse

Pearce is not an area where many young families and middle aged workers reside. Because of this, the older individuals who choose to live in Pearce are often an hour or more away from their loved ones and may require care from someone else. While many caretakers are reputable and respectful individuals who wish their older patient no harm, some may not be as caring.

  • More often than not, elder abuse takes place in the home where an older individual lives. It can also occur in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and other institutional settings
  • It has been estimated that over 1 in 10 seniors will experience some form of abuse
  • Most of the victims are dependent on their abuser to take care of their basic needs
  • The most common form of abuse is financial exploitation. Following that is physical abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse
  • Seniors who have been abused have a 300% higher risk of death over the next 3 years compared to those who were not abused

We all believe that the unthinkable will not happen to those whom we love. But elder abuse can happen anywhere and at any time.

If you suspect that an older parent, family member or friend may be suffering from elder abuse, we welcome you to give us at the Ruhmann Law Group a call. Our compassionate personal injury attorneys have helped older individuals to receive compensation that will aid them physically, financially, and emotionally, and we will hold those responsible for these egregious acts against your loved one accountable.

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