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An Apparent Drunk Driving Accident Killed a Girl After the Birthday Party in Texas

Often filled with cake and balloons, birthday parties are generally meant to be times of celebration. One Texas family had that celebration cut short when, on their way home from their daughter’s party, their vehicle was struck by an alleged drunk driver. Sadly, the apparent drunk driving accident had a tragic outcome.

The family had spent the day preparing for the 9-year-old girl’s birthday party. That morning, they had purchased her a brand new outfit and then later on went bowling and dined on cupcakes. However, on their way home from that day’s celebration, another vehicle apparently blew through a stop sign and collided with their vehicle.

After the wreck, witnesses called 911 as the mother maneuvered into the back seat to help her children. The father was pinned in place, unable to move until help arrived. The girl’s brother claims that he saw the driver that struck them throwing beer bottles out of his truck after he hit them. The little girl whose upcoming birthday had just been celebrated was transported to a local hospital, but she did not survive.

Since the wreck, he has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter, although that may do little to comfort a grieving family. Parents rarely expect to outlive their children, and funeral expenses as well as medical bills incurred during the efforts to save a life after an alleged drunk driving accident can pile up quickly. Although criminal charges are not a prerequisite, the evidence that the police used to issue the man’s arrest warrant could also be a crucial tool for this Texas family should they decide to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of their daughter’s estate. If successful, financial compensation can help abate those costs and possibly give these grieving parents one less thing to worry about.

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