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Big Rigs and Semi-Trucks on the Road

There is no doubt that big trucks play an important role in our lives. They deliver everything from drugs, medicines and toiletries, through to groceries, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Necessary and invaluable they may be, but big rigs also pose serious dangers on the roads.

Trucks Can Be Huge!

The sheer size of big rigs and semi-trucks is a problem in itself. The cab or tractor part of the tractor trailer has to house and cover a massive engine, and can be as tall as 11ft. If a sleeper cab and living area is included, the cab can be up to 25 feet long. Once a trailer full of freight is attached, the tractor trailer can be more than 70 feet long and weigh over 80,000 lbs. If this much weight and size hits another vehicle, even at a slow speed, it can cause serious damage, injuries and even death.

Lack of Federal Regulation

Regulations for trucks and trucking, including loading and unloading, are regulated from state to state. Therefore, enforcement of these laws also varies from state to state. There are very few federally mandated regulations for trucking, which allows for poorly maintained vehicles licensed in other states to travel into and through states with higher standards – putting at risk both other vehicles and pedestrians.

Driver Neglect

The constant demand for goods keeps truckers on the road longer. Companies are always hiring new drivers, as there is a high turnover in the truck driver workforce. The hours can be long, which can lead to tired and inattentive drivers, who may be pushed by unscrupulous bosses or their own need for cash. Overworked truckers can make mistakes that lead to accidents and, very sadly, injury and death to themselves and others.

There are a lot of dangers associated with these massive vehicles. No matter how it happens, a collision with one of them can be devastating. At the Ruhmann Law Firm, our attorneys are on hand 24/7 to offer legal support, advice and council if you or a loved one has been the victim of truck accident.

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