Grandmother, grandkids and 1 other dead in 18 wheeler wreck

- Charles Ruhmann

Most Texas drivers probably understand what speeding is and why they can be ticketed for it, but failure to control speed is a trickier concept. A driver that fails to control a vehicle’s speed may not necessarily be speeding, but they may be driving in a way that is not appropriate for the area or conditions. A recent 18 wheeler accident in Texas is thought to have been caused by a driver who failed to control the speed of the truck.

The 62-year-old grandmother and her two grandchildren weren’t killed by the initial 18 wheeler collision but by the outcome of that wreck. While stuck in traffic in a notoriously congested area, the 18 wheeler driver wasn’t able to stop in time to prevent an accident. The driver ended up slamming into the rear of another 18 wheeler, setting off a deadly reaction.

The El Paso 18 wheeler then struck a smaller passenger vehicle and killed the man inside. Lastly, the grandmother’s vehicle became lodged underneath the truck. Sadly, this may not even be an uncommon story to some people, as roughly a tenth of all highway fatalities result from a truck crash in Texas.

While Texas police note that the 18 wheeler driver wasn’t speeding, they do point out that he or she still failed to correctly control their speed, as there was not enough time to stop. Families of the victims may take little comfort from learning that their loved ones are gone because of one driver’s apparent inability to drive safely. Often, these same family members pursue justice on behalf of the victims, usually through the form of a successfully documented wrongful death claim in El Paso.