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Ruhmann Law Firm in El Paso gives you a voice for justice. Our El Paso pedestrian accident attorneys have an excellent record of successful settlements and jury awards in cases involving pedestrian injuries in West Texas, Arizona and Southern New Mexico. Under the leadership of Charles Ruhmann IV — an experienced injury law advocate who is well-known as a El Paso pedestrian accident attorney who will stand up to insurance companies and take cases as far as necessary to protect his clients’ interests — we serve as powerful advocates and trusted advisers to clients injured in pedestrian accidents of all types in El Paso.

Insightful Advocates For Complex Pedestrian Injury Cases in El Paso

Proving liability in a pedestrian accident case is difficult because the evidence often comes down to unreliable eyewitness accounts. When the pedestrian accident involves a child victim, the case can become even harder to prove because the driver is able to confuse the child or children with his or her own version of the story. The key to preparing a successful case for a settlement or trial is thorough investigation and firm, unwavering commitment to the truth.

Our El Paso pedestrian accident attorneys know how to build strong cases in even the most complex of scenarios. Our well-honed investigation techniques, piercing deposition strategies and proven trial advocacy allow us to protect your interests and fight to hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions.

Many pedestrian accidents are hit-and-run accidents or caused by an uninsured motorist. Our El Paso pedestrian accident attorneys can help you find avenues to seek full and fair money damages from parties held liable for compensation, including your own auto or homeowners insurance policy.

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