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If a Child Injured in an Arosswalk

Although winter break may be just around the corner for Texas children, school is still in session, and flashing yellow lights indicating a school zone are usually still functioning at least twice a day. While most drivers slow down to the posted speed limit and keep a sharp eye out for children on foot, not every driver is so courteous. Sadly, this type of attitude can lead to tragic accidents, even if a pedestrian was in a crosswalk at the time of the incident.

The speed limit signs outside of school zones aren’t just suggestions for drivers; rather, those speeds are the law and must be respected. The drastically reduced speeds are intended to protect children walking to and from school, boarding a bus or waiting to be picked up by a parent or caregiver. A number of factors may play into why a driver didn’t pay attention to the warnings and, in turn, struck a child or other pedestrian.

With many people in America now owning a smart phone or at least some type of cell phone, texting behind the wheel can be a frighteningly common event that takes a driver’s eyes off of the road. Distracted drivers may not notice a reduced speed limit or that they are even in a school zone. Intoxicated drivers may be similarly distracted, while others simply ignore warnings.

For parents in Texas, there may be few things more tragic than the injury of a child, especially in an area where he or she was supposed to be protected, such as in a school zone crosswalk. We understand the impact that such an accident can have on the child and the family as a whole, and recovery can be anythiing but easy — from missed school to hefty medical bills for the family. As we’ve discussed on our website, we take the necessary time to collect and review any evidence as it pertains to the accident and know what it takes to demonstrate just how serious the extent of a child’s injuries were for both the child and the family.


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