New Mexico Nursing Homes Facing New Allegations of Fatal Elder Abuse

Several nursing homes across the state of New Mexico are facing fresh allegations of abuse and neglect from families of elderly residents, as well as a whistleblower, who have accused the facilities of poorly managing residents to the point that it resulted in injury, and even death. The case, which is being spearheaded by the […]

New York Man Charged after Holding Elderly Ex-Marine Hostage for Four Years

Police in Highlands, New York have apprehended a man who was allegedly responsible for holding an elderly former marine hostage for at least four years. According to authorities, the man had an adjoining room at a motel, where he kept the elderly victim in order to collect and steal his benefits checks. The elderly man […]

NTSB Investigates One of Texas’s Deadliest Bus Accidents

Bus accidents involving curbside motorcoach services are on the rise, the latest of which is said to be one of the deadliest in Texas. The charter bus was on its way to a casino hotel near the Mexican border when the driver allegedly lost control of the wheel and rolled over, resulting in the death […]

Who May Be Civilly Liable for Elder Abuse in New Mexico?

The elderly population in the United States is steadily increasing – and is expected to reach at least 50 million elders in the year 2020. Data from agencies of the Adult Protective Services in various states indicate a growing trend in reported cases of elder abuse. Despite increasing awareness of elder abuse, it is believed […]

Arizona Woman Enters Guilty Plea in Fatal New Mexico Auto Crash Case

A case resulting from a fatal New Mexico auto accident neared its conclusion in federal court late last month, after Miranda Rentz, a 40-year-old from Red Valley, Arizona, pleaded guilty to the charges against her. Rentz was driving through San Juan County in January of 2015, when she collided head-on with another car, killing one […]

Texas Rangers Pitcher Settles in Dog Bite Lawsuit

Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish has reached a settlement in a lawsuit connected with the firing of a personal assistant, and a related dog bite accident. Darvish was named as one of the primary parties in the suit, which also included the sports agent and agency representing him. According to the lawsuit, Alexander Witmer was […]

Denton County Woman Reaches Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

A resident of Denton County, Texas has reached a settlement stemming from a 2011 slip and fall incident. Slip and Fall Incidents The victim alleged that in November 2011, she was walking back to her vehicle at a Denton County gas station when she slipped and fell in the parking lot. She cited oil in […]

El Paso Bike Plan to Reduce Bicycle Accidents

More people are using bicycles in El Paso and the trend is expected to grow with increased awareness of cycling’s health benefits and low environmental impact. For many riders, the bicycle is their main form of transportation that takes them to work everyday. Other riders enjoy the freedom and experience of riding a bicycle for […]

Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims in New Mexico

Hopefully you’ve never experienced an injury or disease while on the job, but if you have, you’re not alone. Employers pay thousands of dollars every day to current or former employees who can no longer physically fulfill their previous duties. In New Mexico, the majority of employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance on […]

Dancing with Danger: Big Rigs and Semi-Trucks on the Road

There is no doubt that big trucks play an important role in our lives. They deliver everything from drugs, medicines and toiletries, through to groceries, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Necessary and invaluable they may be, but big rigs also pose serious dangers on the roads. Trucks Can Be Huge! The sheer size of big rigs […]