Passenger Dies in a Fatal Car Crash

During the last week, officers from the New Mexico State Police responded to the scene of a single car crush. The driver was traveling to southbound when the vehicle exited the main road and hit a light pole. According to the report, the driver wasn’t wearing a seat-belt and was ejected from the vehicle. The […]

Family of a Teen Who Overdosed at a Concert Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The estate of the young teen who is alleged to have died due to a drug overdose after a party at Expo New Mexico has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Back in 2013, ‘Hannah’ was found in the parking lot having ingested MDMA. Although the man accused of selling MDMA to Hannah pleaded guilty in […]

Texas Workers-Comp Spending Below National Average

The state of Texas is said to offer the worst compensation for injured workers. We were interested in a recently-released 5 year study conducted by the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) which delved into a variety of aspects of workers compensation. This interesting study revealed some alarming facts and trends about workers compensation in our […]

Weekend Motorcycle Accidents Leave 1 Dead, 2 Seriously Injured

On a recent weekend Corpus Christi Police responded to three separate motorcycle accidents that resulted in the death of a teenager and caused serious injuries to two men. While investigators are still looking into the causes of the multiple accidents, they noted that the accident victims were not wearing helmets at the time of the […]

Harvard Professor Sues TD Garden After Slip and Fall at Celtics Game

A Harvard Law School professor has filed a lawsuit against Boston’s TD Garden arena in the wake of a slip and fall that occurred in one of the arena’s restrooms during a Boston Celtics game in 2012.   Slip-and-Fall Incidents   Last month, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor emeritus, filed an official complaint against […]

Texan Identified as Victim of Utah Auto-Pedestrian Accident

Salt Lake City police have identified a Texan as the victim of a fatal accident involving an automobile and a pedestrian in late June.   Late last month, Adrian Gonzalez of Brownsville, Texas, was lying or kneeling in the street when a moving vehicle struck and killed him. The incident occurred in at approximately 3:30 […]

Video Revealed Elder Abuse in Nursing Home

A nursing home worker in Converse, Texas has been accused of hitting an elderly patient who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, causing injuries and pain. The nursing home employee was arrested and now faces a charge of injury to the elderly.   In Texas where approximately 11.2% of the population are elderly persons, more than […]

Family Awarded 7-Figure Wrongful Death Settlement

A wrongful death settlement which some have referred to as “groundbreaking” was reached in late May of 2015 involving 27 year old Christopher Torres and APD officer, Christopher Brown. In 2011, Brown and another detective were attempting to arrest Torres in his backyard. After a scuffle, Torres was shot and succumbed to his injuries.   […]

Child Injured in I-10 Truck-Related Accident

In mid-May this year a story about a truck-related accident on the I-10 hit the news. According to reports, a gray SUV made an attempt to jump a curb to gain access to frontage road, but while doing so, the SUV hit an Avalanche truck. This caused the driver of the truck to then veer […]

Liability Issues Surround Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles

Since Google Inc. unveiled its plans to put the first self-driving car on the streets a few years ago, people have pondered how the technology will work and what sort of benefits it will have to offer us. After a recent report in mid-May of 2015 revealed that these self-driving vehicles were involved in 11 […]