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El Paso Bike Plan to Reduce Bicycle Accidents

More people are using bicycles in El Paso and the trend is expected to grow with increased awareness of cycling’s health benefits and low environmental impact. For many riders, the bicycle is their main form of transportation that takes them to work everyday. Other riders enjoy the freedom and experience of riding a bicycle for […]

Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims in New Mexico

Hopefully you’ve never experienced an injury or disease while on the job, but if you have, you’re not alone. Employers pay thousands of dollars every day to current or former employees who can no longer physically fulfill their previous duties. In New Mexico, the majority of employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance on […]

Dancing with Danger: Big Rigs and Semi-Trucks on the Road

There is no doubt that big trucks play an important role in our lives. They deliver everything from drugs, medicines and toiletries, through to groceries, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Necessary and invaluable they may be, but big rigs also pose serious dangers on the roads. Trucks Can Be Huge! The sheer size of big rigs […]

Unyielding Car Kills Man in El Paso Motorcycle Accident

A serious motorcycle accident occurred days before Christmas when a car making a left turn crashed into a motorcycle, killing its 23-year old rider. The motorcyclist was traveling northbound along Zaragosa Road at night when a southbound vehicle suddenly made a left turn towards a parking lot, hitting the motorcyclist. Motorcycle Accidents in El Paso, […]

New Mexico PED Sued for Damages Arising from Premises Liability

A former employee is suing the state Public Education Department for damages arising from workplace contamination. The plaintiff used to work at the Jerry Apodaca Education Building as a computer and IT specialist from 1997 to 2014. He claims that he developed a number of health problems relating to exposure to mold and asbestos contained […]

Adult Protective Services Reports Alarming Amount Elder Abuse in Central Texas

For Eva Malone, elder abuse isn’t just a crime – it’s a real problem in Central Texas. Malone, a specialist with Adult Protective services, investigates high profile cases of elder abuse in the state of Texas. According to Malone, the central region of Texas has been inundated with elder abuse claims since the start of […]

Finding the Right Attorney for Worker’s Compensation Claims in New Mexico

The issue of worker’s compensation in New Mexico often pits the interests of an injured, mistreated, or sick worker against those of an employer or the employer’s insurer. There have been many cases where a worker’s compensation claims are adversarial and difficult, requiring the engagement of an experienced lawyer to argue the worker’s case. For […]

Injury’s Foreseeability Features in Premises Liability Trial

The New Mexico Supreme Court has delivered a new ruling that can affect how premises liability claims may be decided in court. The decision stemmed from a wrongful death case filed by surviving heirs of three people who were killed in an accident. Background of the Case In March 2006, a woman named Rachel Ruiz […]

Baby Girl Injured in Dog Attack

Early this year, deputies of a County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for help coming from a woman who said that 3 of her grandparents’ dogs left a fenced area in their property. The woman was carrying an 11-month old baby when she tried to round up the dogs when suddenly one of the […]

Two Men Killed in a Texas 18-Wheeler Truck Accident

Two men lost their lives recently in a fiery accident involving an 18-wheeler and a UPS delivery truck. The accident, which happened at night, killed two Florida UPS employees, William Harris and Adam Banicki. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, this accident occurred along interstate 20 at FM 2015 in Tyler. DPS reports […]

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