Driver in truck accident didn’t have necessary permits

Most bridges that have roads passing underneath them also have posted signs noting the maximum vehicle height that can safely pass. A truck driver in Texas ignored one of those warnings and attempted to pass an 18-wheeler underneath a bridge that could not accommodate its height. The resulting truck accident killed one person and injured several others, […]

Texas driver accused of fleeing the scene of pedestrian accident

Although there is little doubt that America is a nation that loves its cars, there are still a great many number of people in Texas who do not own a personal vehicle. Additionally, some pedestrians simply enjoy the exercise and being outside in the fresh air. Unfortunately, in a car-dominated world, walking can be a […]

Man claims former employer exposed him to dangerous property

Texas workers are entitled to a safe and stable work environment that is free from preventable hazards and dangers. When employers fail to take the necessary precautions for proper safety, workers may end up exposed to situations that can result in serious injury. One man claims that his illness was caused by a dangerous property […]

Slip and fall at open house results in premises liability claim

Maintaining a public premise or inviting people onto your private property comes with a legal obligation to ensure that reasonable precautions have been taken to protect visitors from harm. A Texas woman claims that a home she entered hadn’t been properly cared for, causing her to fall and suffer serious injuries. She has since filed […]

Driver negligence a valid basis for a pedestrian accident claim

Owning a vehicle can make getting around town and to and from work easier and quicker, but we understand that this option isn’t possible for everyone. Instead, many people in Texas get around on foot. Although there may be crosswalks and pedestrian signs in a great number of cities, there is no denying that — […]

Car crash with train leaves 10 dead and others injured

Collisions involving trains can be unspeakably tragic, causing catastrophic damage and death. A recent car crash in Texas left a total of 10 people dead and numerous others injured, many of who are still in critical condition. The road was apparently icy at the time, which should remind all drivers that they must exercise caution when […]

Texas parents claim birthday party was held at dangerous property

For parents, there may be no greater tragedy than outliving a child. A Texas family may be struggling with the devastation that likely followed the death of a young child while attending a birthday party for a friend. According to her parents, the home where the hosts held the party was a dangerous property, prompting them […]

Victim seeks damages for Taco Bell slip and fall

Most people have probably seen a famous actor or actress suffer an untimely fall in a movie and subsequently make a quick recovery. Unfortunately, real life just doesn’t function that way, and a slip and fall accident can happen so suddenly that a victim has no chance to protect him- or herself. Victims can suffer […]

A collision with an 18 wheeler can easily be deadly

It can be nearly impossible to merge onto an interstate or other highway without seeing at least one or two 18 wheelers. While getting goods to and from various locations is an important aspect of our society, these enormous vehicles present an added danger to Texas motorists. A wreck involving an 18 wheeler can have disastrous consequences […]

Was your child injured in a crosswalk? Action may be necessary

Although winter break may be just around the corner for Texas children, school is still in session, and flashing yellow lights indicating a school zone are usually still functioning at least twice a day. While most drivers slow down to the posted speed limit and keep a sharp eye out for children on foot, not […]