Category: Pedestrian Accidents

Texas driver accused of fleeing the scene of pedestrian accident

Although there is little doubt that America is a nation that loves its cars, there are still a great many number of people in Texas who do not own a personal vehicle. Additionally, some pedestrians simply enjoy the exercise and being outside in the fresh air. Unfortunately, in a car-dominated world, walking can be a […]

Driver negligence a valid basis for a pedestrian accident claim

Owning a vehicle can make getting around town and to and from work easier and quicker, but we understand that this option isn’t possible for everyone. Instead, many people in Texas get around on foot. Although there may be crosswalks and pedestrian signs in a great number of cities, there is no denying that — […]

Was your child injured in a crosswalk? Action may be necessary

Although winter break may be just around the corner for Texas children, school is still in session, and flashing yellow lights indicating a school zone are usually still functioning at least twice a day. While most drivers slow down to the posted speed limit and keep a sharp eye out for children on foot, not […]

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