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Texas Driver Accused

Although there is little doubt that America is a nation that loves its cars, there are still a great many people in Texas who do not own a personal vehicle. Additionally, some pedestrians simply enjoy the exercise and being outside in the fresh air. Unfortunately, in a car-dominated world, walking can be a dangerous activity. A recent pedestrian accident left one person dead, and police say that the driver immediately took off.

One person may have witnessed the tragic accident, which occurred while a 55-year-old pedestrian attempted to cross the street. The driver of a small vehicle struck the man, shattering the vehicle’s windshield. However, instead of stopping to notify the proper authorities and to try to render aid, witnesses say the man simply kept driving. The victim’s body ultimately ended up several thousand feet away from the initial crash site.

Another witness saw a wrecked vehicle parked on the street outside his residence and then saw a disheveled man running down an alley. The driver was later apprehend by authorities and arrested. He now faces a felony charge for causing an accident involving death.

It is unclear why the driver chose to flee the scene of the pedestrian accident, but the resulting criminal charges may be based on evidence that the victim’s family could use to support a wrongful death claim. These types of claims are common avenues for Texas families to take when seeking justice on behalf of a loved one killed in an accident. When successful, compensation can also help families struggling under the weight of the financial aftermath of related damages, including funeral expenses and other financial losses tied to the tragedy.

Source:, “Dallas pedestrian killed by hit-and-run driver“, Carla Wade, March 15, 2015.

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