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Negligent Security Lawyer


While many area law firms no longer take on premises liability and slip-and-fall claims, the Ruhmann Law Firm believes that victims of negligent property owners are entitled to justice. While challenging and complex, we represent residents throughout West Texas, Arizona and Southern New Mexico, and fight to maximize compensation for their injuries.

Holding Property Owners Responsible For Negligent Security

Property owners must maintain an awareness of any conditions that put patrons at risk. Providing on-site security monitoring those conditions should add a layer of safety and comfort to the visiting public. However, as with any premises liability claim, the slightest oversight can have the most catastrophic of consequences.

Owners of apartment complexes, retail stores, bars or restaurants who choose to have security are responsible for ensuring that the officers are skilled and qualified. Taking shortcuts in hiring practices, specifically background checks, for such an important job can lead to assaults, robberies and serious injuries to innocent patrons.

Conversely, negligent security claims can also result from owners of property with histories of improper lighting and violent criminal activity. They can also be held accountable for serious injuries because the need for more secure surroundings has not been fulfilled.

Investigations are in-depth and involve the collection and review of medical records, police reports, witness statements and other documentation, including data on past security-related issues.

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