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Brain Injury Lawyers in El Paso & Las Cruces

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects more than just the victim of an accident caused by negligence. Family members are impacted by the life-changing damage done to their loved ones. Complex in the range of symptoms and disabilities, immediate medical treatment is paramount. Proactively retaining an El Paso & Las Cruces brain injury attorney is also an important step in holding the responsible party accountable. Texas residents come to Ruhmann Law Firm with questions.

Our El Paso & Las Cruces brain injury lawyer answers those questions and alleviates their fears over medical care and the associated costs. In fact, we partner with doctors so our clients can get the care they need.

Brain Injury Lawyers In El Paso

Tailored Legal Representation During Difficult Times of brain injury in El Paso & Las Cruces

Symptoms of a brain injury may not appear immediately. Even those involved in an accident may not notice any difference until much later. Days or weeks can go by after the accident until the accident victims begin to show signs of trauma. The effects of more severe traumatic brain injuries are impaired speech and language, difficulty in thinking, emotional problems, and limited use of arms and legs.

At Ruhmann Law Firm in El Paso & Las Cruces, we tailor strategies based on specific issues surrounding your claim and the extent of the brain injury. Our El Paso & Las Cruces brain injury lawyers fight to maximize compensation for medical care (now and in the future), lost wages, and other damages. Our El Paso & Las Cruces personal injury attorneys know the stakes involved if a loved one is left permanently injured or dead following an accident.

You focus on recovery while we take on all the complexities of a brain injury claim.

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