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Retail Store Accident Attoeneys in El Paso & Las Cruces

Every year, tens of thousands of people are harmed in accidents at grocery stores and other types of retailers. When these accidents are caused by a property owner’s refusal to fix a dangerous situation — or to warn customers about the presence of potential hazards — those who are harmed as a result of this negligence can file a premises liability claim and recover compensation for their injuries. Ruhmann Law Firm is one of the premier injury law firms in the Southwest. Our El Paso & Las Cruces retail store accident attorneys serve the needs of those hurt in retail establishments in West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Arizona. We provide our clients with the personalized service, insightful advice and history of success that they deserve to have on their side.

Typical Forms Of Retail Accidents

One of the most common forms of retail store accidents involves slip-and-falls resulting from broken floor tiles, wet or slippery floors, debris left in a place where customers can trip on it, and other forms of inadequate maintenance or cleaning. Despite the prevalence of these accidents, they are not the only type of injury-causing situations for which property owners can be held liable; any injury that occurs in parking lots, restrooms in stores or anywhere else on the property may allow you to file a claim against those who own:

  • Big box stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Discount retailers
  • Warehouses/price clubs
  • Shopping centers
  • Malls

We recognize that being hurt at these or any other type of retail establishment can add a disproportionate level of stress and difficulty to your life. To ease the anxiety you experience, we promise to give you an honest, straightforward assessment of whether you can expect more money than what the insurance company is offering. We will give you the answers you need from the very beginning, and we will handle all legal aspects of your case so that you can focus on the recovery process.

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