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Stairwell Accident Lawyer In El Paso And Las Cruces

Stairs come with inherent dangers that do not exist on level surfaces. Dangerous conditions are hard to identify as a store patron or apartment complex resident walks down stairs. The smallest defect or liquid can lead to a serious fall resulting in catastrophic injuries.At the Ruhmann Law Firm, we are ready to help residents of West Texas, Arizona and Southern New Mexico injured in stairwell accidents. Our El Paso & Las Cruces slip and fall lawyers combine their skills and experience with a track record of success in this highly challenging area of personal injury law.

Maximizing Compensation Through Negotiation Or Litigation

Whether through settlements or verdicts, we will fight to maximize the compensation you are entitled to. We do not back down when it comes to protecting your rights, nor do we shy away from trial.
Specific causes of stairwell accidents include:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Wet/icy surfaces (outdoor stairs)
  • Poorly installed or broken handrails
  • Improper or uneven stair height or depth

Identifying the defect is an important step. However, we must also prove that not only the defect resulted in a fall, but also the premises owner or an employee knew, should have known, or caused the hazard that led to the accident.
The insurance companies will try their best to allege carelessness or clumsiness in stairwell falls. Our job is to focus on the facts. From witness accounts to potential building code violations, we attend to every detail to build a strong claim.

Premises Liability Resources:

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