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Understand to Take Pictures After a Motorcycle Accident

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may feel shocked and confused about what to do next. While seeking medical attention and calling emergency services should be your top priority, it is also crucial to document the accident scene as soon and as thoroughly as possible.

Most people do not realize how compelling accident photos are and how they can make a huge difference in receiving fair compensation for damages and injuries. Failing to take pictures can result in an unjust settlement.

Unfortunately, statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show that motorcycle accidents are becoming more frequent, with 563 riders losing their lives in motor vehicle crashes in 2022, an 8% increase from 2021. This highlights how vulnerable motorcycle riders are on our roadways, making it essential to know what to do after an accident, especially documenting the accident scene.

The Importance of Motorcycle Accident Photos

Motorcycle Accident Taking photos after a motorcycle accident is critical for several reasons. First, pictures can provide evidence of the cause of the accident and contributing factors, such as poor road conditions or the behavior of the other drivers.

Secondly, clear photographic evidence can substantiate the extent of injuries and damages, which is critical when seeking compensation for medical treatment, repairs, or replacement of damaged property.

Our memory is famously unreliable, especially when it comes to details. Photos can help you remember the specific details about the accident that you may forget over time.

Clear photos can also be helpful when negotiating with insurance companies, and they can help you build a successful claim and receive the compensation you deserve.

What Should You Take Pictures of After a Motorcycle Accident?

Now that you understand the importance of taking pictures after a motorcycle accident, let’s discuss what types of photos you should capture.

  • Vehicle Damage

Take pictures of any damage to your motorbike and other vehicles involved in the accident. Be sure to capture different angles, including close-up shots of dents or scratches.

  • Road Conditions

Take photos of the road where the accident happened, including any potholes, debris, or other hazards that may have contributed to the accident. If standing water is on the road, capture it as it may indicate a road maintenance issue or defective road design.

  • Traffic Signals and Signs

Take pictures of any traffic signals or signs nearby that may be relevant to the accident. For example, if you were hit by a driver who ran a stop sign, capture a photo of the sign.

  • Injuries

If you or anyone else involved in the accident sustained injuries, ensure you take photos of those injuries as soon as possible. Take close-up shots and pictures from different angles that show the injuries in the context of the accident.

It is also important to continue taking photos over time to document any changes that may occur following the motorcycle accident. For instance, if you have a scar from surgery or are wearing a cast, capturing these changes in photos can help showcase the severity of your injuries. This photographic evidence can also prove to the insurance company that the injuries are legitimate.

  • Witnesses

If there are witnesses to the accident, try to get their contact information and take a photo of them if they are willing. This can be helpful if you need to contact them later for a statement.

  • Weather Conditions

Driving too fast for the conditions is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents in Texas. Taking photos of the weather conditions at the time of the accident can help determine if the driver was driving too fast for the conditions.

  • Anything Else That Seems Relevant

Finally, be sure to take photos of anything else that seems relevant to the accident. This could include skid marks on the road, surrounding businesses, damage to nearby property or buildings, or anything else you think might be necessary.

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