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El Paso Motorcycle Accident

A serious motorcycle accident occurred days before Christmas when a car making a left turn crashed into a motorcycle, killing its 23-year old rider. The motorcyclist was traveling northbound along Zaragosa Road at night when a southbound vehicle suddenly made a left turn towards a parking lot, hitting the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Accidents in El Paso, Texas

Texas has a sizeable motorcyclist population with, in 2013, over 430,000 motorcycles registered.

All over Texas, motorcyclists are exposed to risks of catastrophic motorcycle accidents, many of which cause death or serious injuries to riders. When a motorcycle crashes into a much heavier and larger motor vehicle, a rider can suffer brain injury, fractures, and other physical injuries.

A driver’s failure to yield to motorcycle riders who have the right of way, failure to see a motorcyclist on the road, distracted driving, and speeding, can all result in collisions between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle. If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another party, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Claiming Compensation

Depending on the circumstances of your motorcycle accident, compensation may cover past and future medical bills, lost earnings or income, expenses for ongoing therapy or rehabilitation, and damages for your pain and suffering.

A personal injury attorney is the best person to assist you in negotiating a settlement or litigating a claim for compensation against the insurance company of the person responsible for your injuries. Avoid handling the claims process on your own, particularly if you’re dealing with insurance companies – they aim to minimize the value of a claim payout, or deny your claim entirely.

First Steps after Your Motorcycle Accident

After getting appropriate medical treatment for your injuries, it’s important to speak to an attorney about your situation as soon as possible. An initial consultation is usually sufficient for your motorcycle accident attorney to assess your case and plan your next steps. During your first meeting with your lawyer, basic documents or information that you need to bring include a police report, names and contact information of the other driver and their insurance company, pictures of the site of the accident, and of the damaged vehicles.

Representing clients in El Paso, Texas

In El Paso, Texas, our team of personal injury attorneys at the Ruhmann Law Firm is dedicated to responding quickly to victims of catastrophic accidents such as motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, and construction accidents. We welcome your call today at (915) 845-4529 to schedule a free consultation.

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