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One man claims that his illness was caused by a dangerous property

Texas workers are entitled to a safe and stable work environment that is free from preventable hazards and dangers. When employers fail to take the necessary precautions for proper safety, workers may end up exposed to situations that can result in serious injury. One man claims that his illness was caused by a dangerous property about which his former employer failed to warn him.

A worker for Dow Chemical Company believes that his work environment was unsafe. In a suit filed against the company, he outlines the unsafe environment that he worked in and also alleges that he was never warned of certain dangers. The combination of a dangerous workplace and inadequate safety warnings apparently culminated to one particularly bad incident, in which a leaky pipe exposed him to epichlorohydrin.

The epichlorohydrin — one of the chemicals that Dow handled — caused the victim to suffer burns. He now continues to suffer respiratory issues, which he links back to the exposure from the supposedly improperly maintained pipe. According to his lawsuit, he may have been able to avoid his injuries if Dow had initiated regular inspections of the facility.

The Texas branch of Dow Chemical Company has been accused of being negligent by failing to maintain and attend to its property. As part of the damages that the victim is seeking compensation for, he has cited related medical bills, emotional distress, pain and a loss in his earning capacity. These types of damages are common for victims who have been injured on a dangerous property, and are typically compensated through a successful premises liability claim.

Source:, “Dow employee claims negligence led to chemical exposure”, Carol Ostrow, Feb. 26, 2015


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