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Should I Call the Insurance Company Before My Attorney in Texas

Accidents happen on our highways daily, and if severe, they may leave you needing medical treatment, vehicle repair, and legal help. If you were involved in a car accident in Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, you might wonder whether you should call the insurance company first or your attorney. Shortly after an accident, you need to file a claim for the case, and it can be tempting to call the insurance company to file a claim immediately. However, before making that call, it is important to consider the benefits of consulting with an experienced attorney. Read on to understand why you need to consult with your attorney before calling the insurance company.

Why Should You Call Your Attorney First?

It is important to notify your attorney about the car accident first for several reasons. Here are some of them;

Know What to Say to the Insurance Company

At the accident scene, you will exchange information with the other party. However, take your time before talking to the insurance agents. Instead, call your lawyer first, as they will guide you on what to say to the insurance company that will not jeopardize the compensation amount you ought to receive. Insurance agents are skilled in manipulation under the pretense of showing care. Remember that insurance adjusters would want to pay out as little to no amount for your claim, and they may be looking for information in your statement that they can use as a reason for paying the bare minimum, which could be less than you deserve. A skilled attorney can help ensure that you do not inadvertently say or do anything that could harm your case.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Your lawyer can help you navigate the complicated process of filing a claim with your insurance company or negotiating a fair settlement with the other party’s insurance company. The insurance agent’s main focus is to minimize the amount of money the insurance company pays out, which may not align with your best interests. Your lawyer, on the other hand, is there to represent you and advocate for your rights and best interests.

Legal Advice and Representation

You should call your attorney so they can provide you with legal advice and representation. Insurance adjusters may take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge and get you to make statements or agreements that are not in your best interest. It is best to inform your attorney first, as they can advise you on your rights under the law and protect you in any potential legal proceedings that may arise from the accident, such as a personal injury or property damage lawsuit.

Time is of the Essence

The basic statute of limitations for a car accident in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas is two years. Two years may seem like a lot of time, but it can take months, or even longer, to gather all the evidence needed for you to file the claim. It is important to take action quickly by involving an experienced attorney to prepare your case before the statute of limitations expires. An attorney can also help ensure that all valuable evidence is gathered and preserved before it gets lost.

So, When Do You Contact Your Insurance Company?

You will need to report the car accident to the insurance company within 24 hours after the accident has occurred. If you wait any longer, it may appear as if you were trying to hide something and this can harm your compensation claim.

If you do not have or are not able to hire an attorney within 24 hours, you can call your insurance company to inform them that you have been involved in an accident and will let an attorney handle the case moving forward. Then you can get back to finding an experienced car accident attorney in El Paso within the shortest time possible, as time is of the essence.

Legal Help is Available

If you were involved in a car accident in Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, contact our qualified and experienced El Paso personal injury lawyers at the Ruhmann Law Firm. We can help protect your rights and interests to ensure you receive maximum compensation. We provide free consultations and only charge attorney fees upon winning your case.


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