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Albuquerque boasts the highest population of all New Mexican cities with well over half a million people calling this city home. How the city earned the name “Albuquerque” (formerly Alburquerque) has been contested by historians for years. Some believe that the name is in reference to a Spanish duke. Others believe that the city’s name can be traced to the Galician word “albaricoque” which means “apricot.”

As historians continue to debate the origins of the city’s name, the economy of the area continues to grow. Albuquerque is situated in the heart of the New Mexico Technology Corridor with there being a large number of government institutions and high tech private companies within the city’s borders.

A number of other notable employers have offices within Albuquerque, including Sandia National Laboratories, the Kirtland Air Force Base, Northrop Grumman and Tempur-Pedic. In fact, the economy of the city is so strong that it was named as the best city in America for business and careers by Forbes magazine in 2006.

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A Strong Economy Reliant on Protected Workers

Part of why the city has such a strong economy is because the workers receive some level of protection through worker’s compensation. At the Ruhmann Law Firm we receive a lot of questions about worker’s compensation, such as who is eligible and whether or not they have received fair compensation. We will try to answer these questions and more below:

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Generally speaking, worker’s compensation insurance is a pool of funds into which your employer pays. If you suffer a job-related injury or illness, all expenses related to your treatment will be covered through worker’s compensation.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Contrary to popular belief, worker’s compensation covers more than only medical bills. Many injured workers are able to receive coverage for time lost from work, travel and accommodations, and more.

Can I Contest the Amount of Compensation I Have Been Offered?

Yes, you can contest the amount of compensation offered to you. We encourage all injured workers who feel that they have been offered unfair compensation to contact us to discuss their particular situation for free.

Can I Still Sue My Employer Even If I Receive Workers’ Compensation?

In many situations, you can still sue you employer for a range of damages, including pain and suffering, mental anguish and punitive damages.

Whether you have additional questions about worker’s compensation coverage, are curious about contesting the compensation amount offered to you, or are interested in taking lawful action against your employer, we are here to help. The attorneys at Ruhmann Law Firm welcomes your call at (505) 388-9500.

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