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Harvard Professor Sues TD Garden After Slip and Fall at Celtics Game in Texas

A Harvard Law School professor has filed a lawsuit against Boston’s TD Garden arena in the wake of a slip and fall that occurred in one of the arena’s restrooms during a Boston Celtics game in 2012.

Slip-and-Fall Incidents

Last month, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law School professor emeritus, filed an official complaint against TD Garden in Suffolk Superior Court. According to the complaint, Dershowitz was in a restroom at TD Garden during a Celtics game nearly three years ago, when he violently slipped and fell. The complaint cites excessively slippery floors, as a result of a depleted supply of paper towels, for the cause of the slip and fall.

While Dershowitz remained at the game for its duration, he was later taken to Massachusetts General Hospital via ambulance. The complaint states that he was diagnosed with a sprained medial collateral ligament, which limits his overall mobility and requires physical therapy to this day.

Although Dershowitz told the media that he originally did not want to file a lawsuit, he was unable to arrive at a settlement with TD Garden, and he faced an expiring statute of limitations on his case. Ultimately, the lingering pain and discomfort from his injury prompted him to pursue legal action.

Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Texas

Slip and fall claims are not the easiest cases to win in court. Although a plaintiff may have a solid case, the jury will need to be convinced that a property owner knew of a clear and obvious risk to the public. To win in court, your evidence needs to support your claim 100 percent.

If your slip and fall injury occurred at a business or on private property, then you could be eligible to receive financial damages to cover medical expenses, lost income, or additional pain and suffering.

Despite the common nature of these types of claims, many legal firms in western Texas, Arizona and Southern New Mexico have stopped handling slip and fall incident cases.

The legal team at The Ruhmann Law Firm believes that you, when a victim of a slip and fall, have a right to have your voice heard in a case for full, fair compensation. We have a proven success in assisting plaintiffs in such claims, including those resulting from stairwell, elevator, or escalator accidents, as well as retail store and parking lot accidents.

Our El Paso slip and fall attorneys work directly with you to secure full and fair settlements, and can be the honest and dedicated legal experts that you need at this difficult time.

To speak with a premise liability attorney regarding your slip and fall claim, call us today at (915) 845-4529 – we offer a free initial consultation.

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