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Texas Taco Bell Slip and Fall

Most people have probably seen a famous actor or actress suffer an untimely fall in a movie and subsequently make a quick recovery. Unfortunately, real life just doesn’t function that way, and a slip and fall accident can happen so suddenly that a victim has no chance to protect him- or herself. Victims can suffer an array of serious injuries, including broken bones or even brain damage.

A woman that allegedly slipped and fell at a Texas Taco Bell has filed a lawsuit seeking damages that she allegedly suffered in its establishment. While she and her husband were at the fast food restaurant, the victim rose to get a refill of her drink. When she got to the drink station, there was apparently an area on the floor that was coated in an unknown substance that was described as both slimy and greasy. When she reached the station for her refill, she slipped and fell on the slick floor.

Since the fall, she says that she has suffered significant physical pain and burdensome medical costs. Although the exact nature of her injuries is unclear, part of her claim specifies disfigurement. In addition to her related damages, the court also has the ability — should liability be established — to award her other monetary damages that it believes is just for her injury.

Although Taco Bell has said very little about the woman’s slip and fall claim, it denied that it was responsible for any injury that the woman claims she suffered. Texas property owners are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of those who visit an establishment. When a hazard isn’t addressed in a timely manner or the owner fails to warn patrons, financial responsibility could attach for any resulting injury and related damages or costs. These damages are most often sought and awarded through the successful navigation of a premises liability claim.

Source:, “Taco Bell answers slip and fall”, David Yates, Dec. 23, 2014.

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