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Liability Re Slip and Fall Accidents May Not Be Obvious in Texas

For some, slick or slippery floors may seem more like a nuisance than a serious danger. However, those who suffered substantial injuries at an establishment that failed to ensure the safety of its patrons know how traumatizing such an accident can truly be. Even if victims in Texas understand how serious these injuries are, knowing how to prove fault for a slip and fall accident may be a mystery to some.

An important aspect of owning any type of property is ensuring that it is as safe as reasonably possible. Since specifically reasonable steps must be taken, it is important to first determine whether the property owner could have actually stopped or prevented a slip and fall accident. If either the owner or various employees were aware of the dangerous environment, but did not take any steps to rectify the issue, the owner could possibly be held responsible.

However, when a slip and fall victim was injured in a situation that the owner wasn’t aware of, how can it be determined that he or she should have been aware of the danger? In some instances, this question is difficult to answer, and careful gathering of evidence as well as accounts of what happened may have to be presented to a judge. If this is the case, it will ultimately be up to the court to determine if the owner failed to exercise a reasonable amount of care in maintaining the property.

While determining liability for a slip and fall accident can be much more complicated than this, it is still an important aspect of seeking compensation for an injury. Since slip and falls usually occur unexpectedly, an individual is typically unable to take any sort of protective and evasive action, and serious injuries such as broken limbs or even brain damage are possible. If liability is not immediately evident, Texas injury victims may have to ultimately take a premises liability case to court, where a judge will take all of the evidence into account before determining who is responsible.

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