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The Victim Claims Kroger Is Responsible for Her Slip and Fall in Texas

Slick and slippery floors are often an unseen hazard in stores or various other properties. Victims usually have little to no time to prepare themselves for a serious fall, which can leave them vulnerable to catastrophic injuries. A Texas woman who claims she suffered serious injuries after a slip and fall in Kroger — a popular grocery store chain — is now seeking compensation through a premises liability suit

The victim claims that the liquid she slipped on was clear, which likely made it difficult to discern. What exactly that liquid was has not been addressed, but she alleges that Kroger acted negligently by not addressing the danger. In doing so, she believes that the store put its customers in harm’s way.

Due to the fall, the woman suffered injuries that left her physically impaired. These injuries also apparently affected her ability to earn a living wage. According to the suit, the incident also caused her significant mental anguish that she continues to suffer.

The suit also alleges that the Texas Kroger store never had anyone inspect the slick floor, and in conjunction with her other accusations, she is seeking a judgment that may range from $200,000 up to $1 million. Additionally, a judge may also determine that she is eligible to receive pre-judgment interest. If her premises liability claim is successfully litigated, a significant portion of any financial recourse she is awarded may ultimately be applied toward medical bills related to her slip and fall accident, which can accumulate rapidly after a serious injury.

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