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Fatal car accident in Texas leaves 1 dead, injures others

Whatever the weather conditions at the time, drivers in Texas are still responsible for exercising necessary caution when driving. Authorities suspect that wet roads may have played a role in a fatal car accident that also left three other people injured. The accident is currently still under investigation.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m., an 18-year-old driver of a pickup truck apparently lost control while traveling in the northbound lane of a Texas road. He veered across the center lane of traffic and into southbound traffic, where his vehicle collided with an oncoming van. The van’s passenger, an 86-year-old female, was transported to the hospital, but succumbed to her injuries only days later.

Both the van’s driver as well as the passenger in the truck has to be airlifted to the hospital due to the nature of the injuries that they suffered. They were both reported to be in critical condition. The truck driver also suffered injuries and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, but his injuries were apparently listed as not life-threatening.

Dealing with the long-term aftermath of a serious car accident can place a physical, emotional and financial burden on victims and their families. When it comes to unexpected costs, such as medical bills and, tragically, even unexpected funeral costs, victims or their families can pursue legal recourse through civil court. The successful litigation of a personal injury claim can be an essential stepping stone to recovery and may provide financial for long-lasting pain and suffering. Texas families who have lost loved ones in a wreck similar to this one may choose to file a wrongful death suit against the driver that caused the wreck, and litigating such a claim can not only cover related expenses incurred from the accident, but may also provide a much-needed sense of justice for the victim’s death.

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