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Driver barrels over seawall, causes car crash that kills 1 in Texas

Celebrations with family often involve hugs, pictures and maybe an argument or between two stubborn uncles. Tragically, a recent party in Texas involved a fatal car crash that left one man dead. The victim turned out to be the man-of-honor’s brother.

The festivities were apparently going on through the weekend to celebrate a local priest’s 50 years spent with the church. His family had flown to Texas from all over the country and were reportedly enjoying themselves before tragedy struck. As the priest’s brother was taking pictures near a souvenir store, a pickup truck apparently barreled across the street, struck a group of pedestrians and then plunged over a seawall.

The brother, who was in that group, was killed. Another person was struck and suffered serious injuries before the truck rolled to a stop on the beach. The driver who caused the wreck — a 49-year-old man with a prior criminal conviction for narcotics — was also injured in the accident.

Texas police are reportedly still determining whether or not alcohol or drugs might have played a role in this fatal car crash. Dealing with the death of a loved one during what was meant to be a celebratory time is undoubtedly a difficult task, especially when the aftermath of accidents such as this often involve a financial aspect. Funeral costs and medical bills can pile up quickly and become overwhelming for some. However, it is possible for the family of the victim to recoup these costs by pursuing a wrongful death claim. If successfully litigated, it can not only provide invaluable financial compensation for these costs, but it can also bring a sense of peace to those mourning a loved one who was taken too soon.

Source:, “1 dead, 1 injured when truck plows over Galveston Seawall“, Jayme Fraser, June 8, 2014.

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