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Car accident in El Paso kills driver and injures 2 passengers

Collisions in Texas involving left turns are all too common. They can result in severe injuries that can have a permanent impact on the victim’s life. Depending on the speeds of the vehicles involved, a left turn car accident can be severe. The victim may be left with head injuries, back and spine injuries and other life-changing injuries, or even death.

On a recent Tuesday morning, a 42-year-old woman from El Paso was eastbound in a pickup truck on U.S. 67. A semi-truck that was ahead of her reportedly slowed down to turn left, and the pickup truck driver reportedly slammed into the semi-truck from behind. Officials suspect high speed to have contributed to the accident, and they reported that the impact killed the pickup truck driver.

Two passengers who were in the pickup truck, ages 21 and 20, suffered serious injuries and were transported to a San Angelo hospital. The condition of one of these passengers was reported to be critical, and although the deceased driver and this victim shared a surname, officials had no information about their relationship. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured.

Residents of Texas who have suffered injuries in accidents that were caused by a negligent driver who was killed in the accident, even if they were passengers in the vehicle, retain the right to file personal injury claims against the estate of the deceased driver in a civil court. They may pursue recovery of damages relating to medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering brought about by their injuries from the car accident. By utilizing the available resources to present their claims, victims can hope to achieve a monetary judgment to ensure full and fair compensation.

Source: El Paso Times, “El Paso woman dies in Central Texas accident”, Aaron Martinez, May 14, 2014.

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