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Man claims former employer exposed him to dangerous property

Texas workers are entitled to a safe and stable work environment that is free from preventable hazards and dangers. When employers fail to take the necessary precautions for proper safety, workers may end up exposed to situations that can result in serious injury. One man claims that his illness was caused by a dangerous property […]

Slip and fall at open house results in premises liability claim

Maintaining a public premise or inviting people onto your private property comes with a legal obligation to ensure that reasonable precautions have been taken to protect visitors from harm. A Texas woman claims that a home she entered hadn’t been properly cared for, causing her to fall and suffer serious injuries. She has since filed […]

Victim seeks damages for Taco Bell slip and fall

Most people have probably seen a famous actor or actress suffer an untimely fall in a movie and subsequently make a quick recovery. Unfortunately, real life just doesn’t function that way, and a slip and fall accident can happen so suddenly that a victim has no chance to protect him- or herself. Victims can suffer […]

Victim claims Kroger is responsible for her slip and fall

Slick and slippery floors are often an unseen hazard in stores or various other properties. Victims usually have little to no time to prepare themselves for a serious fall, which can leave them vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in El Paso. A Texas woman who claims she suffered serious injuries after a slip and fall in […]

Liability re slip and fall accidents may not be obvious

For some, slick or slippery floors may seem more like a nuisance than a serious danger. However, those who suffered substantial injuries at an establishment that failed to ensure the safety of its patrons know how traumatizing such an accident can truly be. Even if victims in Texas understand how serious these injuries are, knowing […]

Premises liability claim can compensate for retail accidents

If you have been injured while at a retail store in Texas, you may be aware of how devastating the aftermath of an accident that might have been prevented can be. What you may not know is that you are not alone. Sadly, thousands of people suffer every year in accidents that occur in various […]

Ruling reversed for Jerry Aldridge’s slip and fall accident

When a consumer is injured on a business property, evidence such as security footage can be invaluable for determining fault. The Texas Supreme Court recently issued a ruling on something called spoliation, which deals with the purposeful failure to keep relevant evidence after an car accident in El Paso. This ruling, which was made on […]

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